Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fit for a Meme.

Associates of the 'dasher know that for months now, yours "seriously profound" truly has been periodically crowing about HRC's uncanny evocation of Eva Peron, or at least the Madonna version I've seen dancing once with Antonio Banderas. Surely, I thought, someone would pick up on the resemblance to the similarly blond, two-for-the-price-of-one, mostly fascist, vaguely tubercular former first lady of Argentina. [The difference being Evita actually achieved something resembling universal health care.]

But even as Hillary cleverly tweaked the old Rice–Webber standard for her "Don't Cry for Me [Crying for You], New Hampshire" routine, the MSM ignored it all, seemingly content with the obvi casting of Obama as Jesus Christ Superstar. (Ron Paul is Cats.) Well, thanks to an offhand and off-putting comment from a Clinton aide-de-camp, the story's finally hit the big time this week:

The Evita Factor [New York mag]

And Starring Hillary Clinton as Eva Peron

Since said MSM has to come up with silly reasons to point out the fact that one thing looks like another thing, the idea in the above is that Latinos, grown up in a culture of dynastic lady leaders like Evita, are predisposed to support Hillary. (Why this hasn't made her poll numbers higher among gay men and 16-year-old girls from New Jersey, no one could say.) Also, like most things Clinton nowadays, it's both racist and illogically so: last time I checked, wasn't the stereotype machismo?

Well, I suppose those people do really love their mothers. Wait, that's the Italians. Which, incidentally, is what Madonna is. Oh, swarth is so hard to parse!

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