Friday, April 18, 2008

Blackmail of the Enlightenment

So, Endasher was updating zer Facebook profile tonight when ze noticed the following:

Why, in 2008, are we still forced to acquiesce to the fantasy that religion and politics make up the most "Basic" attributes of selfhood? I had to dig all the way to the "Relationships" tab before actuating the real stuff of identity—that is, declaring that I'm looking for "Networking" (née "Random Play"). This will not do. No, Facebook is not as non-dialectical as it was just a few months ago, but here's predicting Zuckerberg will still be one of the first four or five against the wall.

I also added a drop shadow to my picture! Therefore, I am existent
—and accepting friend requests@! Poke, however, at your own peril.

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