Monday, May 19, 2008

Did she actually just say that?

Elizabeth Edwards, via the Politico, about how her statements supporting HRC's health plan over Obama's do not constitute an endorsement of the former (or a repudiation of her husband):
“If I say I like chocolate ice cream better than strawberry, it doesn't mean either (1) that I like chocolate or strawberry as much as vanilla or (2) that I dislike strawberry. I say what I mean. Hillary's health care plan is closer to what I want to see than Barack's,” she wrote. “As a spouse, it is not surprising that I have a very small change purse of political capital and I have repeatedly said that I was going to use my capital, such as it is, for the issues about which I care and not on an endorsement.”
So, she'll never like chocolate or strawberry as much as she likes vanilla. Glad that's settled. By the way, this was a written email, so like, she saw what she wrote and pressed send anyway.

Also, "change purse of political capital"?

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