Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Um, has anyone else noticed that Google's gone Saussurean?

This has been happening for weeks now, but it remains irreconcilable with anything decent or holy, and I fear just by talking about it I will be struck down. Anyways, go to any site that uses Google's spell-checker (gmail, blogger, etc.). Spell a world correctly, then right-click on the word. No matter what word you choose, you will see the following suggestions:

Signifier s

WTFWTFWTFOMFG!? I'm not sure what's the scarier possibility: that this "bug" (easter egg?) has been happening to every Google user and no one has noticed it, or that it's only happening to me (on multiple computers, no less). I repeat: WTFWTFWTFOMFG.


Zachary said...

Creeping through Fark and Gawker, I happened upon All the Sad Young Gossip Girls, attributed to one Jonathan Liu. "Could it possibly be?" I asked myself, then took note of the erudite wordplay, the keen eye for layout, even a paortion of justified text that reminded me of a particular short story, "Justified," which if you are who I think you are you know had perfectly justified margins without word-processing assistance. ARE you who I think you are? Please drop me a line at my gmail. If not, sorry for the bother. Nice pair of blogs you got here.

Taylor Buley said...

God is trying to tell you something.

But what's the significance?!