Sunday, July 1, 2007

Not Organic, But Rich in Antioccidents

From the food court of an alcohol museum (!) outside Taipei, another lesson in cultural relativism. That is to say, whole-food fetishism is as much an Austin aberration as George W. Bush; it turns out most of the world finds putting unmodified nature in one's mouth positively ga-ross. Your faithful ethnographer must report, however, that this particular stall does not in fact sell Biotech,Baked Food. "Biotech Baked Food" would be similarly misrepresentative of the establishment's wares, as would, regrettably, "Biotech-Baked Food."

In conclusion, let us just say that the ideographs characters words above advertise a biotechbaked food (or baked foodbiotech) joint. Meaning, if memory serves, they sell cupcakes with vitamins inside.

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