Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Quarter- (okay, Third-) Life Crisis Update: I Will Never Have This Much Fun

"Sk8er Boi"–era Avril: Critic. "Girlfriend"-era Avril: Genius.

Note how she scrunches her nose when saying "remix."


kh said...

It's...VERY hard to know what to think about the fact that Lil' Mama is named Lil' Mama.

Leon said...

that was a lot to handle at 8am. i just woke up! for most of it i was hoping it was a "live" mash-up of girlfriend and lip gloss.

note the way lil mama says "lil mama and avril lavigne." as though she's just coming up with the idea for the collaboration as she's saying it -- she hears herself saying it and she's like of course! that's the ticket. hate to do this but the tone reminds me of the doc in bttf, at the beginning, when he's explaining the time machine to marty in the parking lot and saying how he could go back to any year, any day, etc... as he's punching keys in the car he catches himself saying "november 5, 1955," and smiles broadly. "of course! november 5, 1955! that's the day i invented the flux capacitor!"

J. Liu said...

hey hey you you I don't like your lip gloss.